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Sim Center Tampa bay

Sim Center has brought a whole NEW experience to Events. As many people may know technology has been advancing very quickly. We have taken full advantage and use this newer technology to immerse people in experiences you'd never be able to do otherwise.


Fly a Fighter Jet, Race a Formula 1 Race Car, Fight Zombies, all in simulated and safe environments! You can learn more about our Events below.


If you'd like you can also Schedule an In-person or over the phone Event Planning Session with one of our Event Specialists by clicking the button below.

Birthday Party

Hosting Birthday Parties for kids 12+ with 30 minutes free for cake!


Level up your corporate party by introducing Virtual Reality and Sims!

Team Building

Have a perfect combo of entertainment and education. For those of you who make every second count!

Sim Delivery

Get our custom built experiences delivered to your event anywhere in the United States. Choose from multiple experiences!

Birthday Parties

Give the gift of Virtual Reality by renting out one of our facilities for a private Birthday Party! We have an indoor and outdoor space for cake-cutting / food & beverage. We don't offer catering but, do offer a list of caterers and allow you to bring beer and wine but, no liquor. To learn more about scheduling a birthday party at Sim Center, click the "Schedule Event Planning" button below!

B-Day Party

Corporate Party

Sim Center has delivered a brand new way to do a Corporate Party. Not only do we have Virtual Reality but, we have created simulators to allow you to do things you and your team have never done before. Fly a fighter jet, race the world's fastest car, fight zombies, etc.

To learn more about how you can have your next corporate event at Sim Center, click the button below and schedule an in-person or over the phone meeting with one of our Event Specialists. They will help answer specific questions you may have

Corporate Party

Team Building

We have now added a few team-building experiences that you can include in your corporate party or event! Currently, the Team Building events we feature are focused on improving communication within the team when challenging tasks/problems arise. 

No one else in the world can throw your team into a Zombie Apocalypse scenario and that is just one of the few team-building experiences we offer. Go ahead and click the button below to schedule an in-person or over the phone meeting with one of our Event Specialists.

Team Bulding

Sim Delivery

We now deliver a few of our Simulator and Virtual Reality experiences anywhere in the United States. Both of our Formula 1 Race Car Simulators have traveled across the country already to multiple events. We always have professionals with our equipment in case any technical issues arise but, our equipment is always ready and working at least an hour before an event starts to assure a quality experience. Talk to one of our Event Specialists in an in-person or over-the-phone meeting by clicking the button below.

Sim Delivery
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