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The Full Story

It all started in Peter Repak's living room with his hair-brained idea to build a Boeing 737 simulator.
Why not? Peter is a former physics teacher and quantum-something-or-other (we'll let him fill you in.) 

He'll likely tell you his very interesting story of what brought him to America, and why he spends nearly every minute of his life finding ways to make people happy using science and Virtual Reality. 

More than two decades of fun later, the SimCenter now hosts the widest variety of high-end simulation experiences in America, serving both individual adventurers and explorers as well as teams and corporations. 

And the entire team has that same vision to help you have an absolute blast while you're here. 

Whether you're new to VR or you've got Flight Simulator running in your bedroom, we've worked super hard to make sure what you get here is "next level." 

From the Boeing 737 to a virtual tour of the solar system (using actual galaxy data), we've spent countless hours testing and improving each experience.
You're in for a treat. 

We're constantly on the lookout for new, unique virtual and mixed-reality experiences to add to our menu.

So, come on back if we haven't seen you for a bit!
Let's plan an event for your family or your company team!
We'll strive to provide an environment that is safe, supportive, and engaging.

Come join us and let your imagination run wild!

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