Fly the real size Boeing 737 cockpit simulator!
The coolest present for yourself or someone you want to impress!
This breath-takingly realistic Sim can do what no other simulators on the US market could: give the hobbyist the chance to fly this legendary Boeing, while, at the same time providing a flight experience and details that will satisfy the most particular professional. So don't let the affordable price fool you: this machine is well suitable for professional pilot training as well.
This German-made simulator is suitable for everybody, no matter the level of experience. Our trained staff will guide you through the experience so you can really feel what it's like to be the Captain of a passenger jetliner. 
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$ 40.00 for 20-minute take off and landing
$ 120.00 for a 1-hour flight

$ 210.00 for a 2-hour flight

This price includes a flight guide, who will take you through every step of the way of your flight experience. He will work with you to tailor your session so that you can make the most of it - whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced pilot.



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