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About Us


Sim Center was started in Sim Centers Owner, Peter Repak's Living Room. The Full-Size Boeing 737 began simply as a throttle stick and a small monitor. It has now grown into America's best Simulation center offering anyone the chance to step into their own world.


The dream Peter had behind creating the Sim Center is simply to make people happy. It is very important to us that this is something you truly enjoy doing! We've spent countless hours testing and improving each and every Virtual Reality and Simulation experience we offer!

Amongst Clearwaters BEST Team Building Events

We have some of the most unique Team Building events in the world. Everything from being able to put your team into a zombie apocalypse to having them race against the clock in a Formula 1.


Our Simulator & VR Experiences

Virtuix Omni

This is the world's first 360 Degree Virtual Reality Treadmill. It allows you to go into all types of different scenarios such as a Zombie Apocalypse where you are running around killing zombies or something as simple as a nature walk. You can find a list of the games offered here.

Boeing 737-700

The Boeing 737 Flight Simulator is as real as it gets. You sit next to a co-pilot who guides you, the pilot, through an entire flight. You go from gate to gate, starting the plane up to shutting it down. It has Live Weather, Live Traffic, and Live Radio.

Formula 1 (Race Car Simulators)

The Race Car Simulator has been set up to use for Formula 1 racing but, is capable of much more. Please include in the notes of your reservation if you'd like to do something different like stock cars, McLaren, etc.

Sitting on 350 motions per second going around the track at up to 200 MPH, this is truly something any car enthusiast would enjoy!


Oculus is a revolutionary VR Headset that has defined the standards in the industry for a while now. The array of options you have when it comes to this headset are already practically unlimited. You can do anything from building your own train set in VR to Launching a spaceship from beginning to end... That's right, you can become an astronaut in an afternoon. Get the chance to experience Oculus now.

Fighter Jet Flight Sim

The Fighter Jet Flight Simulator is the actual cockpit of an F-16 and F-35. We can set it up to be for someone who has never flown before to veteran pilots who'd like a challenge. The fighter jet is among the most popular planes, you don't want to miss your chance to fly one yourself.



Plan your next Corporate Event, Birthday Party, and/or Team Building event with Sim Center today. We have a dedicated Event Planner who will help make sure your event goes off without a hitch. We have done Events for 15-150+ people and have worked with multiple fortune 500 companies to deliver a truly amazing experience for there events. Start planning for your next corporate event today with our Event Planner now!


Corporate Events

Sim Center Corporate Events are among one of the most unique experiences you can have. We are capable of hosting 15-150+ people and work with local businesses to provide food, beverage, and extra space if necessary. We have an Event Planner that will help you with every aspect of your corporate event here at Sim Center to make sure it goes off without a hitch. Start planning your event today by clicking the button below.

Team Building Events

Our Team Building Events feature activities that are among some of the most unique Team Building activities in the world. We can throw your team into a zombie apocalypse, put them into teams in a Formula 1 racing simulator to see who can compete to win an actual mini F1 Grand Prix championship, have them learn to fly an f-16 and complete challenges involving a team effort. Start planning your Team Building Event today.

Birthday Parties

Birthday's at Sim Center are one of the best experiences for teenagers. Quality Racecar Simulators, REAL f-16 fighter jet simulators, a Boeing 737 with a pilot to walk you through flying it, and multiple Virtual Reality Platforms so everyone is having fun. We can also help plan food/beverages and even a cake. 




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