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About Us

About Us


Sim Center was started in Sim Centers Owner, Peter Repak's Living Room as the Boeing 737. It began simply as a throttle stick and a small monitor. It has now grown into America's best Simulation center offering anyone the chance to step into their own world.


The dream Peter had behind creating the Sim Center is simply to make people happy. It is very important to us that this is something you truly enjoy doing! We've spent countless hours testing and improving each and every Virtual Reality and Simulation experience we offer! 

One of Clearwaters BEST Team Building Events

We have some of the most unique Team Building events in the world. Everything from being able to put your team into a zombie apocalypse to having them race against the clock in a Formula 1.

Our Experiences


Fly a Boeing 737-800 Commercial Airliner


The Boeing 737 Flight Simulator was the very first simulator for Sim Center. It features Live Weather, Live Traffic, and Live Radio. We build the experience around the individuals flying abilities as well. Whether you have never thought about flying or you have been flying as a Southwest Pilot for years, we create an experience specifically for your skill level. During the 1 hour experience, you go gate to gate, from start-up to shut-off. 

Fly a Fighter Jet!

Fighter Jet.png

Jet around the buildings in New York, New York. Fly in the Grand Canyon or enjoy a nice view of the USA 30,000 feet in the air going at the speed of sound. This isn't something you get the chance to do... ever! But, we have made it so it's as simple as stepping into a Fighter Jet cockpit, putting a Virtual Reality Headset on, and letting the guide show you the basics of flying. You can crash without consequence and certainly help yourself get over your fear of flying!

Run in VR with the Virtuix Omni

Virtui Omni Transparent.png

Virtuix Omni is the worlds first platform to allow you to run in Virtual Reality. You can hop into a zombie apocalypse with friends to slaughter zombies or you could go on a nice nature walk through the savannah. the possibilities are truly endless! Virtuix Omni is always releasing new games, holding tournaments with cash rewards, and staying involved in the community as much as possible. Truly an amazing experience and a healthy one!

Drive a $10.5 Million dollar Formula 1 Race Car

Formula 1.png

Racing around the track at up to 200 MPH, the Formula 1 Race Simulator is a very intense ride! The wheel and seat both simulate what an actual Formula 1 Race Car feels like. Pick from tons of different Formula 1 tracks, cars, and conditions! During the 1 hour experience, you actually get to complete a full grand Prix weekend from Practice to qualifiers, and a race to prove you are a champion Formula 1 Race Car Driver.


Go on a Solar System Tour in Virtual Reality

Space Tour.png

Step into the Sim Center Space ship and go on a 45-minute guided tour through our solar system. This is an incredible experience and is great for kids age 10-13. The entire experience is narrated and very educational but, also has a few great one-liners to keep things fun! You may even see Elon Musk on Mars... or Matt Damon.


Corporate Events.png

Plan your next Corporate Event, Birthday Party, and/or Team Building event with Sim Center today. We have a dedicated Event Planner who will help make sure your event goes off without a hitch. We have done Events for 15-150+ people and have worked with multiple fortune 500 companies to deliver a truly amazing experience for there events. Start planning for your next corporate event today with our Event Planner now!

Companies we've worked with:


Corporate Events

Sim Center Corporate Events are among one of the most unique experiences you can have. We are capable of hosting 15-150+ people and work with local businesses to provide food, beverage, and extra space if necessary. We have an Event Planner that will help you with every aspect of your corporate event here at Sim Center to make sure it goes off without a hitch. Start planning your event today by clicking the button below.

Team Building Events

Our Team Building Events feature activities that are among some of the most unique Team Building activities in the world. We can throw your team into a zombie apocalypse, put them into teams in a Formula 1 racing simulator to see who can compete to win an actual mini F1 Grand Prix championship, have them learn to fly an f-16 and complete challenges involving a team effort. Start planning your Team Building Event today.

Birthday Parties

Birthday's at Sim Center are one of the best experiences for teenagers. Quality Racecar Simulators, REAL f-16 fighter jet simulators, a Boeing 737 with a pilot to walk you through flying it, and multiple Virtual Reality Platforms so everyone is having fun. We can also help plan food/beverages and even a cake. 



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