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How real does it get?

Very Real

How good can you be?

Experiences starting at $1 per minute


Go ahead, Scream! 

We don't mind.

In fact...
We're giving away a
FREE adrenaline-rushing "pitch, bank, and yaw" roller coaster ride just to entice you down to Tampa Bay's best-kept secret Virtual Reality SimCenter.

Sign Up Here for a FREE Rollercoaster ride in the Yaw2 Motion Chair!

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Fly a Boeing 737-800 Commercial Airliner

As REAL as a simulator gets...


You've got Live Weather, Traffic, and Radio.

During the 1 hour experience, you'll go gate to gate.


From cold start to shutdown. 

Whether you've never considered piloting a jumbo jet...
... or you're a seasoned Southwest Pilot...

... we'll plan a flight to match your skill level.

Know someone afraid of flying? 
Bring them!  We've had great success! 


Virtui Omni Transparent.png

Shoot and Run!

Got pent-up energy?
Drop into a zombie apocalypse and use up that energy running in the game!

Bring a friend and send some zombies back where they belong. 

Or... just take a nice walk through the savannah.

The possibilities are endless on the Virtuix Omni--the worlds first platform to allow you to run in Virtual Reality!

Who said playing video games couldn't be healthy? 

  • Today, you're a fighter pilot.
    You head for the mountains at the speed of sound for a little nap-of-the-earth joy--just like in Top Gun!


  • Jet between the buildings of New York City like a superhero!

  • Sweep through the Grand Canyon upside down!

  • What's it look like at 30,000 feet? Put 'er it into a vertical climb and find out.  

  • It's easy – just step into the cockpit, put on a Virtual Reality Headset, and let our guide show you the basics of flying. 

  • Don't worry about crashing – there are no real consequences in this virtual reality world.

  • What better way to conquer your fear of flying or feel like a true aviator?

Fighter Jet_edited.png

Deploy Your Inner Maverick

Can You Keep a $10.5 Million Formula 1 Race Car on the Track?

Can You Beat the Field?

Formula 1.png

At up to 200 MPH, the Formula 1 Race Simulator is intense!

The wheel and seat motions simulate the kinetic motion of an actual Formula 1--you can almost smell the fuel. 


Complete a full Grand Prix weekend--from Practice to qualifiers in 1 hour!

Choose your Formula 1 track, favorite car, and even weather conditions!


Tour the Solar System in Virtual Reality

Space Tour_edited.png

Step into the Sim Center Space ship for 45-minute guided tour through our solar system.

This incredible experience is for the explorer in you--whether you're age 8 or 88. 



Space trip, mind blown!"
- Alex P.

The entire experience is narrated and very educational with just the right amount of fun!

"Crazy realistic space travel without leaving Earth. Unreal!"
- Jamie V.

You may see Elon Musk on Mars... or Matt Damon!



Take your next event up a few notches with SimCenter's mobile simulator. 

How about a full-sized F1 sitting at your venue? 

Or a couple of Formula One simulators?

Or maybe the Yaw2 for virtual reality rollercoasters or F-16 flights?  

Call now and let our experienced team create an unforgettable and immersive experience for your corporate event, trade show, or team-building activity. 

Tell us about your event!

Corporate Events_edited.png

You're in Good Company

Person Playing Game

Corporate Events

Would it be a crazy idea to suggest the SimCenter for your next company shindig?

Absolutely not! In fact, it might just be the most brilliant move you could make, if you're aiming for those high-fives and jaw-drops.

Whether an F-16, F-18, F-35, or a Boeing 747, or surviving a Zombie Apocalypse or a Haunted House--your teammates or colleagues will be chattering about it for light years.

Whether you're after a snug gathering or a larger, high-energy fiesta, our space and one-of-a-kind simulations will leave everyone starstruck.

So, don't be shy - give that button below a bold click!"

Team Building

Hey there, superstar leader! Are you ready to unveil your team's hidden superpowers?

Our Team Building Events whip up the most out-of-this-world activities you've ever seen.

Envision your teammates fighting and running in a Zombie Apocalypse, or vying for victory in Formula 1 racing simulators, or even soaring high in a fighter jet!

Each thrilling adventure, be it solo or group-based, unearths your team's secret quirks and strengths.


So, what are you waiting for?

Let's dive into the fun and create your unforgettable, tailor-made Team Building Event today!

Birthday Parties

Ready to throw a birthday extravaganza that'll be the stuff of legends?

At the SimCenter, we're dishing up the ultimate party paradise for adrenaline-seekers and the young at heart!

Ultra-realistic F1 racecar simulators, heart-pounding fighter jets, and a Boeing 737 experience guided by an actual pilot...

... our multi-platform Virtual Reality zones will keep every guest buzzing with excitement.

And hey, no party-planning panic here! We can even provide beverages and a show-stopping cake.

Click the button to launch an unforgettable memory!



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